Pop In & Play


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Our Pop In & Play sessions offer a safe, stimulating and secure space to socialise your pup. Enjoy watching your puppy interact with others of a similar age and size. Allow them to explore, run free and play, whilst learning those all important canine social behaviour skills. Our Pop In & Play sessions are the perfect place to help your puppy develop into a confident, well mannered and happy dog.


These sessions are also a great way to meet like-minded dog owners and share puppy stories and recommendations!

Our Pop In & Play sessions will be held in our Dog Adventure Park. Our Dog Adventure Park has over 8 different types of fun adventure play equipment and obstacles. These introduce dogs to the world of jumping, climbing, balancing, and crawling, helping with confidence and overcoming fears or anxieties. There is no better place to socialise your pup than in our stress-free, fun and stimulating secure park.



Before booking a Pop In & Play session you must have completed a 'Full introduction' with us beforehand, you can do so here. This ensures all users understand the park rules and have provided us with their pups vaccination records prior to socialising with other dogs.



For your first Pop In & Play session you will need to book a ‘Supervised Pop In & Play’. These sessions will be supervised by a qualified level 2 dog trainer, Rachel Smith. Find out more about Rachel and her experience here.


Here at The Cwtch Animal Homestay, we aim to create a safe, stimulating and fun environment for all of our park users. To ensure all puppy’s are suitable to mix with others, Rachel will observe their social skills and be on hand to share her knowledge for your first Pop In & Play session. Once both yourself and Rachel are happy with how your pup interacts with others, you can then attend either an ‘Un-supervised Pop In & Play’ or continue attending a ‘Supervised Pop In & Play' sessions for future bookings. 


  • Supervised Pop In & Play - £20

  • Un-supervised Pop In & Play - £15

  • Additional puppy from the same household - £5


Our Pop In & Play sessions are available for all puppies between the ages of 2 - 24 months. Our sessions will be split into two different categories, small/medium puppies and large puppies. If you are unsure which category your pup sits in (size wise), then please give us a call and we can advise the best session for you.


For the first 4 weeks, all Pop In & Play sessions will be supervised. Our sessions will run on the below dates -


  • Tuesdays 6pm - 6:45pm - Small/medium puppies

  • Thursdays 6pm - 6:45pm - Large puppy puppies


You can book your Pop In & Play session over on our 'Book Now' tab. Or, please click here.