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Do you long to take your dog on a walk where you can both relax and enjoy the surroundings together? Do you feel like you have to constantly be on high alert and keep an eye out for oncoming fellow dog walkers or distractions? Is your dog reactive to others which makes walking in busy areas a stressful struggle? Or, is your dog high-energy and lacks a space to run free and let off steam? This is exactly why we created our secure, safe and stimulating dog parks. Our secure dog parks are situated on 4 acres of beautiful Welsh countryside and comprise of two enclosed parks. Our purpose-built dog facilities are open 7 days a week all year round. Opening times may vary depending on the season.


Our parks were designed to provide a fully enclosed, safe and stimulating space for your dog and you to enjoy together. Perhaps your dog is nervous or anxious and doesn’t enjoy meeting others during their walk? Does your dog pull endlessly on their lead making walking unenjoyable? Or, are you looking for a safe space to practice re-call and build that all important trust and bond with your dog? Our secure parks are perfect for anyone who enjoys watching their dog be happy, fulfilled and free. Not only that, we have designed our parks to suit the needs of all dogs and their owners. Here are some other reasons why our secure parks might be exactly what you are looking for.


You have exclusive use of the park during your booking

Our coded gate entry system and carefully planned time slots mean that you won’t be disturbed

Our parks are surrounded by 6 foot fencing, with a further foot dug into the ground for extra safety

Muddy or wet dog? Feel free to use our doggy bath to wash your mucky pup off (Please bring your own towels to dry them after and ensure you leave enough time to wash them down before the next user of the park arrives)

Both parks have fresh water taps and bowls so fresh and clean water is always available

Both parks offer a variety of balls, frisbees, bubble blowers and tug ropes for your dog to enjoy

There is a member of staff on site at all times

Both parks have shelters and umbrellas for those drizzly wet days, meaning you can stay nice and dry while your pup enjoys the unpredictable Welsh weather

Both of our secure parks have access to shaded, fresh water stream areas, the perfect place for your dog to cool off

Copy of Website titles TRANSPARENT (42 × 20cm).png
Copy of Website titles TRANSPARENT (42 × 20cm).png
Copy of Website titles TRANSPARENT (42 × 20cm).png
Copy of Website titles TRANSPARENT (42 × 20cm).png
Copy of Website titles TRANSPARENT (42 × 20cm).png
Copy of Website titles TRANSPARENT (42 × 20cm).png
Copy of Website titles TRANSPARENT (42 × 20cm).png
Copy of Website titles TRANSPARENT (42 × 20cm).png
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Dog Adventure Park

Officially voted "South Wales Dog Park of the Year". Our adventure park has over 8 different types of equipment & obstacles which means that your dog has plenty of challenges to stimulate and excite them. These include staggered platforms, ramps, balancing ledges, agility jumps, tyres and natural logs for scavenger games and climbing.  Inside the parks are several covered shelters and seating areas where you can sit and relax whilst your dog runs, plays and explores.


The obstacles in our Adventure Park encourage your dog to enjoy off-lead play by running, climbing, balancing and jumping; working all of their individual muscle groups whilst also helping them build confidence in a new and exciting surrounding. The park offers low-impact but challenging activities and can be varied according to age and fitness levels. Please note, our Luxury Dog Hotel is situated opposite this park. If you have a highly reactive pup, we recommend checking out our Dog Sensory Park where you will have complete privacy, away from Hotel guests being dropped off and collected. 

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Dog Sensory Park

Combining elements of both adventure and sensory, our Dog Sensory Park is the first in South Wales. Designed to calm hyperactivity, reduce stress and increase confidence, elements of the park stimulate your dog mentally, enriching all of their senses with smells, sight, sounds and touch.


 Incorporating mental enrichment into your dog's life will increase their happiness and well-being. It allows them to engage in natural behaviours and gives them a feeling of accomplishment. In addition, it reduces boredom, anxiety and frustration, whilst improving your dogs' development, habits and behaviours. The park offers a selection of calming dog-friendly plants and shrubs for your dog to sniff, along with a variety of textures such as sand, straw, pebbles and bark, introducing them to new sensory elements through touch and smell. Our Sensory park also offers a shaded seating area, as well as a fresh water stream for dogs to cool off in after using the park. 

Unlike humans who see in full colour, a dog is only able to see the world around them in shades of blue, yellow, and grey. The features of our Sensory Park have all been designed to ignite your dogs senses at every opportunity, making it a vibrant and colourful experience for them.


A dogs' sense of hearing is far more acute than that of a human. Not only do they hear much louder and more clearly than we do, they are able to discern subtle differences in sound that humans could never hear. Within our Sensory Park there are various wind chimes and sounds that only your dog may be able to detect.

Dogs do not have many sweat glands but some of the few they do have are found in their paws. These glands give off scents, hence why many dogs enjoy digging and scratching. Our park contains numerous digging pits containing textures such as sand, bark, hay and pebbles. These can be great for games such as 'Find it' and can also provide a solution for dogs that enjoy digging at home or in your garden. 


Within our Sensory park, you will find a variety of toys and games for you and your dog to enjoy together. Enjoy bonding, teaching and playing with your dog whilst they work their intellectual muscles. Some of the best ways to keep your pets mind engaged, entertained and alert is through puzzles and games. Our Sensory Park offers a tug ball wall, ball pipe slides, a dog trampoline, tunnels, hoops and a long grass meadow area perfect for sniffing and retrieval games.

It has been estimated that a dog's sense of smell is 100,000 times more powerful than a human. Although a human brain is ten times larger, the part that controls smell is 40 million times larger in dogs. Dogs can move their nostrils to know what direction a smell is coming from. Dogs often get attracted to different plants for self medicating reasons and some plants are known to have calming properties. 

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